Refresh and Recover with RUNNER


Refresh and Recover with RUNNER


In the spirit of celebrating healthy living and a passion for beer, in partnership with Dubrovnik Beer Company we have come up with a special brew to honor the runners of the Du Motion race. Introducing "Runner," (Pale Ale 4,5%Abv. / 32IBU) - a beer that captures the essence of the running community. Runner is a light pale ale of 4.5% alcohol, with the citra-mosaic proven combination of aromas, enhanced by dry hopping. The right beer to drink after and/or before the race on a warm day! 


We believe that beer is not just a drink, but an experience that brings people together. And what better way to celebrate the thrill of the race than with a beer that embodies the same passion and dedication as the runners themselves? So next time you're at a race, be sure to look out for "Runner" and experience the passion and dedication that went into every bottle. Cheers to the runners, and cheers to great beer!



Here is where you can find RUNNER during Du Motion events:


April 27th - 29th | Du Motion Runners’ Corner| Lazareti  

"Runner" will be showcasing on the sign-in stands from April 27th - 29th. To make it easy for you to enjoy this special edition beer, we have a simple drill in place. All you need to do is buy a recycled "Runner" special glass at our stand, and you will have unlimited access to our tap. You heard that right – unlimited beer! Our recycled glass is just one of the many ways we strive to make a positive impact on the environment. By choosing and supporting "Runner", you are not only indulging in a great beer but also contributing to our efforts to promote sustainable living.



April 29th | Runners Party | Dubrovnik Beer Company


Dubrovnik Beer Company will also be hosting a little concert get-together at their bar, where you can relax and enjoy great music with a cold glass of "Runner" in hand. The perfect way to celebrate the race with friends and fellow runners.



So, make sure you grab a recycled "Runner" special glass, and enjoy unlimited beer from tap. And don't forget to swing by their place for some great music and good vibes! Stay tuned on our social media pages for another surprise beer stop during the race. We look forward to seeing you there!

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