Run The Wall

Unique and challenging. Worth conquering. Just like the Walls.

The mighty medieval walls, with their 1940 meters of uninterrupted history, firmly and safely keep DUBROVNIK in their centuries-old grip. Once a year, walls get liberated from thousands of tourists and transform into an exclusive track of a unique and challenging race.

A demanding rhythm imposed by as much as 1080 steps, as well as by the slippery ancient stone, test the endurance of even the fittest of runners, simultaneously awarding them with a magnificent view. All of the above makes this race both an exciting and unforgettable experience.



Stradun, Dubrovnik

Race start: 10:00am

Time limit: /

"You’re our hope and shield, a mere look at you makes everyone healed,makes everyone praise you with joyful sighs."

Đuro Hidža, a poet and translator from Dubrovnik

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Du Motion

Run the Wall PACKAGE

Running the Dubrovnik City Walls is an experience you will surely want to brag about.
That’s why we have prepared you a package full of wonderful perks to show tour family and friends back home.

Event package


Run the wall package

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Race registration will be closed on March 31, 2025 or earlier in case the maximum of 100 runners enlist beforehand. You can register by selecting our Run the Wall package listed above.

Race registration is complete when registration fee is fully paid. By registering and participating in this event you acknowledge and agree all terms set in our race rules

Our F.A.Q. Read Our F.A.Q. Our F.A.Q.

Du Motion


105.00 €

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