Education on the impact of COVID-19 on sports events included in the project


Education on the impact of COVID-19 on sports events included in the project


Representatives of seven countries gathered in the European project "Du Motion" held the third transnational working meeting of the project team on Monday. Originally scheduled in Warsaw, the meeting was again held online due to known pandemic circumstances.


Organizations from Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Turkey and Croatia continued to prepare materials for the training, which will begin in 2021. Through the mentioned materials, volunteers will be educated on all aspects of the organization of sports events, from preparatory activities and logistics to activities at the venue.


The novelty is a special module that will be dedicated to the impact of COVID-19 on sport events as a universal challenge that all organizers face for the first time. The next steps of the project team include finalizing the material, drafting the manual and agreeing on the format in which the trainings, planned in all partner countries except Belgium, will take place.


Aware of the importance of working with volunteers and hoping that the current limiting situation will soon be behind us, project participants are carrying out activities at the agreed pace in order to have everything set for the post-pandemic time and a large international volunteer conference in April 2022 in Dubrovnik.

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