Education of swimming coaches and volunteers working with people with disabilities has started


Education of swimming coaches and volunteers working with people with disabilities has started


Dubrovnik Sports Association continues with activities related to the EDCaV project, the aim of which is to improve the training of sports coaches in working with people with disabilities and to encourage people with disabilities to engage in sports and physical activity.


We held a two-day theoretical and practical training in Slovenia last weekend. 8 trainers and 8 volunteers from Dubrovnik and Slovenia participated in the evaluation under the leadership of Mihovil Španja and Ana Matković Mustapić, authors of the "Handbook for Trainers and Volunteers for Working with People with Disabilities". The practical part of the training, from first contact with the athletes to exercises and movements, was carried out at the swimming pool with Slovenian athletes with disabilities.



The visit to Slovenia was also an opportunity for the project partners, which together with the host of this education, Sport club Plavalček, also includes Dubrovnik Sports Association and Vere Montis Association from Rijeka, to hold their second Transnational meeting to summarize the activities undertaken so far and what is yet to come.



A new meeting is planned for April 2023 in Dubrovnik, where a sports day will be organized with competitions for people with disabilities as well as a round table on the topic "Developing public awareness of the importance of physical activity and inclusion of people with disabilities".



Participants of the round table will be organizations and associations for people with disabilities, policy makers and the media, and some of the topics that will be discussed are the EU policy towards people with disabilities, public awareness of this issue, the existing cooperation between coaches, volunteers and sports clubs, the importance physical activities for PWDs, ensuring appropriate access to sports facilities and local policy towards the inclusion of PWDs in sports.

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