New Du Motion 2020 dates


New Du Motion 2020 dates


Dear runners,

as previously announced, due to uncertainty over the course of development of the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures currently being taken in Croatia and worldwide, we were forced to postpone this year's edition of Du Motion announced for April in Dubrovnik. New Du Motion 2020 dates are September 26-27.

We are all aware how hard Du Motion postponement decision affected you, but by our timely reaction we wanted to enable you to reorganise your arrival in Dubrovnik, beforehand reserved accommodation, plane tickets...

All runners who registered for the races on April 25 and 26 are automatically registered for the races scheduled on September 26 and 27 and will receive all necessary information about changed Du Motion dates via e-mail.

For everyone who cannot take part on September 26 & 27, we offer the opportunity to defer their registration to Du Motion 2021 (April 24-25) or any of the following Du Motion editions, as well as the possibility to transfer their registration to another runner. Please contact us via e-mail info@du-motion.com concerning all the possible changes.

Thank you for all the expressions of support, patience and understanding you have shown us in this unprecedented situation. We would like to express our support to the whole running community and to our colleagues organisers who were, just like us, forced to cancel or delay their events after many months of hard preparations. However, health and safety come first! Only through responsible behaviour and by following of the instructions of the competent authorities we can contribute to stopping the pandemic and leaving these difficult times behind us.

Thanks also to all our partners and local authorities for the exceptional cooperativeness and fast reaction by which we were able to arrange these new dates.

Thank you all once again from the bottom of our hearts! You are truly our running heroes!

See you this fall in Dubrovnik!

Team Du Motion

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