Runners from all over the world and lots of positive emotions filled Dubrovnik streets


Runners from all over the world and lots of positive emotions filled Dubrovnik streets


"It's as if the whole world is running in Dubrovnik," one could say heard today among the comments of the spectators on the Stradun, the starting and finishing point of all Du Motion races. And that is truly not far from the truth, because this year's, the seventh consecutive edition of this globally recognized sports event once again attracted participants from all over the world.


"This year really fulfilled our expectations and we are very satisfied with what was achieved. Runners from almost 50 countries of the world came to Dubrovnik, many of them in larger groups, with friends or families, so they will enjoy the city for a few more days in addition to running our races. We are extremely grateful to the citizens of Dubrovnik as well, for joining our humanitarian 5K race in huge number and thus sent a strong message of support to our fellow citizen Doris Bender," said the director of Du Motion, Alen Bošković.



Two new records were set this year. Severino Felipe Gomez and Arturo Quijada Gonzales from Spain crossed the finish line practically at the same time, and the result of 1:12:00 is a new Dubrovnik Half Marathon record, 26 seconds better than the one held by Danijel Fak since 2016. After the Spaniards, the British Alex Stuart (1:16:54) and Michael Young (1:18:09) ran into the finish line. Lara Hofman from Serbia was the fastest among women (1:28.17), followed by Australian Danielle Sansonetti (1:30:40) and British Melanie Nicolle (1:39:02).


More than 1,000 half-marathoners and the same number of participants in the humanitarian 5K race, about a hundred registered for the Run The Wall race and about 350 children at the Orlando Kids' Race, with as many as 650 people involved in the organization, are the numbers of this year's Du Motion, which has once again confirmed its status as the most international event of its kind not just in Croatia, but also the region.



Max Gerlič from Slovenia first reached the finish line of the 5K race in the men's category (20:05), followed by last year's winner Filip Milanović - SRB (20:17) and third was Luka Novak - HR (20:26). Among women, the fastest were Athanasia Sevastaki - GRE (25:59), Petra Pobrić - HR (26:31) and Lenka Marcikić - SRB (26:50).


As always, Saturday was dedicated to the race with the most beautiful view of the city - the run The Wall race. Davorin Krešić - HR (12:09:72), Josip Papak - HR (12:28:04) and Stuart Clark - GBR (12:50:93) ran the fastest in the men's category, while Danielle Sansonetti - AUS ( 13:26:21), Melanie Nicolle - GBR (13:58:24) and Bianca Severino - BRA (15:37:35) were the fastest women. The Australian Sansonetti, in a great mood, set a new record for this race in the women's category, and then the next day she came second among women in the half marathon, and in both cases she was followed by Britain's Nicolle.



After Run The Wall the Orlando Kids' Race filled the Stradun with joy and laughter from Dubrovnik kindergarteners and younger elementary school students.


Results for all races can be checked HERE.


A great atmosphere, a handful of positive energy and emotions, and runners who spared no praise for the organization and welcome, are the best possible invitation for a new meeting with runners. The date of that meeting is already known: April 27 and 28, 2024!



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